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Admission Guidelines

Application Procedures
📚 The parent needs to read the Admission Handbook available on the school website , complete the School Tour Form, and mail the form to the school. The parent may also request the form via email.
📚 When a School Tour Form has been submitted, an email response will be sent to the prospective parent from the UIA Admissions Team to arrange an appointment.
📚 Counseling Meeting

📚 Presentation of the School, Faculty, and Facilities.
• Tour & Transport Logistics
• Interview

📚 Consists of individual child/parent interviews and a family interview.
📚 The applicant's assessment may be taken on the same day of the admission appointment if requested. If
not, another appointment will need to be arranged for the student assessment:
• Kindergarten 1 students are evaluated on an individual as well as a group basis.
• Kindergarten 2 and above aged students will be evaluated in their knowledge of the core subjects;
English, Math, and Science.

📚 On the day of assessment, the Admission Application Fee will be applicable (11,000yen).

📚 Documents required for Application Evaluation
- Application for Admission Form
- Proof of Date of Birth
- Copy of Birth Certificate or valid Passport
- Copy of applicant and parent’s residence card
* In case of Japanese Nationals: Copy of parent’s driving license
- Copy of applicant's insurance card
- Copy of grades for previous 2 years’ examinations plus most recent report card

📚 Applications for Grades Pandacorns and above
- Transfer/Leaving certificate from applicant's previous school
- Applications for Grades Pandacorns and above
- Letter of recommendation from current teacher
- Applications for Grades Pandacorns and above
- Medical report

📚 If any medical history exists the school should aware of
- For Kindergarten students: a health check certificate, issued within 4 months before joining OR a copy
of 3-year-old health check in the mother-child book (Boshitecho)
- Admissions Application Fee
¥11,000 – to be submitted with the application in cash; exact change to be rendered
📚 The application will be evaluated by the Academic Team:
• The Principal
• Head of Kindergarten/Primary/Secondary
Admission confirmation will be informed within 5 working days.

📚 Confirmation will be given only when:
• All necessary documents (mentioned on 4.1) have been submitted
• Results of the admission test & interview meet or exceed expectations

📚 Application Evaluation Results:
• Declined
If the student does not meet the established requirements for admission, the evaluation may
be declined. The student may reapply to UIA International School of Tokyo the next academic
• Approved
- Normal admission process will apply.
• At Risk Approvals
- There may be further conditions required for approval on a case-by-case basis.
• Reassessment Required
- The results of admission were not clear enough for a proper assessment. A new assessment day can be scheduled as required.

📚 Note: The decision from the Academic Team is final, and not open for negotiations.
📚 An invoice will be sent by the Accounts Department once a confirmation of enrollment has been reached.

📚 After the confirmation of the payment, the child will be able to start school after 3 working days.
📚 A welcome document with information for the first day of class will be sent, consisting of:

• Welcome letter from the principal
• Log in credentials to our school portals
• Timetable/School Planner/Supply List
• Process for collecting textbooks
• Bus details for those using the Bus Service
Eligibility Chart
UIA accepts students according to child age. The birthday cut-off date at UIA is before April 1st.
Must be 3 years old before April 1
UIA Grade : Cubs K1
JP Grade : 年少
US Grade : 3 year old Kindergarten
UK Grade : Nursery
DMust be 4 years old before April 1
UIA Grade : Pandacorns (K2)
JP Grade : 年中
US Grade : 4 year old Kindergarten
UK Grade : Reception
Must be 5 years old before April 1
UIA Grade : Dolphin (K3)
JP Grade : 年長
US Grade : 5 year old Kindergarten
UK Grade : Year 1
Figure 1: Application Procedures Representation

Admission Policy

UIA International School of Tokyo welcomes applications on behalf of boys and girls from any educational background. We always recommend a visit to see the school before registration is made. To make sure everything’s managed fairly, we have created the Admission Handbook which we adhere to at all times.

The school conducts an entrance examination for children seeking admission to UIA International School of Tokyo. These entrance examinations are conducted well before the commencement of the new academic session. The dates on which these entrance examinations will be conducted are communicated well in advance by the school admissions office to the parents of children seeking admission. Offers for admissions will be made on the basis of the results of these examinations and will depend on the number of vacancies in each class, but consideration is also given to character development and non-academic attainments or interests. To avoid unnecessary disappointment, every case is investigated as carefully as possible beforehand, and advice is given accordingly.
The school also has a provision of direct offers of admission to children with a proven academic record in their old school. For parents who wish to apply and seek direct admission for their ward, it is essential that they enclose the copies of grades for previous 2 years and most recent report card. On receipt of the application, the school will reply with an offer of admission if the Academic Team approves the application.
In the case of overseas applicants, an offer of admission is made on the basis of the child’s previous academic performance. Parents of overseas applicants must provide documentation and duly attested evidence to the school that the child has obtained the desired level of academic excellence. Overseas applicants need to meet with the visa requirements, age-criteria and must have evidence of academic ability/eligibility. The school requires details of the student’s academic record, his/her current mark sheets, and a letter of recommendation from his/her teacher and the school. The Academic Team will subsequently offer admission to students which fulfill the school’s rigorous admission criteria.

Our admission procedure includes a written/verbal assessment which takes place on our premises during a trial class. Kindergarten students cannot be exempted of admission assessment. Online assessment is not available either for Kindergarten students.
Our class placements are completely based on the age criteria. No exceptions will be made. For further information we request you to kindly refer to the grade eligibility chart available on our website.

Tuition and Fees


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