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Operating since 2010, UIA Kindergarten provides quality early childhood education through its three year old and four year old group kindergarten programs. Our primary focus is the wellbeing of every child. We provide our children the attention they need to grow and develop into happy, healthy people and be confident for school.
☀️ To enroll in the aftercare service, please contact Mr. Max at You can enroll your child in the service by submitting the registration form to the school office.
☀️ Aftercare for Kindergarten is from 14:00-18:00
☀️ Aftercare enrollment is done on a full month basis.
☀️ For using the aftercare bus service, please contact the bus department at UIA Bus Support before the enrollment is done.
☀️ Aftercare will follow the school calendar. Service is available only on student school days and not on in-service days or school holidays, as per the school planner.
☀️ The school services may be suspended due to weather or any condition and parents have to arrange for the care in such cases.
☀️ Futons, bedsheets and blankets, and snacks are requested to be provided by parents.
Kindly provide the futons recommended by the school.
☀️ The futons will be sent once a month to be washed.
☀️ The blankets and bedsheets will be sent home once a week to be washed.
☀️ Parents must arrange for a guardian registered with the school to pick-up their kids.
☀️ The fee for August will be included in the September 2023 invoice.
☀️ The months of December 2023 and March 2024 will be charged 50% of the monthly fee.
☀️ Changes or cancellations must be notified to by the 20th of the previous month. If you contact us after that date, we are unable to cancel the invoice. In the case of an increase in the number of times, it will be treated as “Temporary Use”.
☀️ Please check the fee policy for further details.

Fee Policy

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Fee Policy

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