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    Steps for Application

    Please read thoroughly the Admissions Handbook to understand the complete Admissions Process and school rules.
    Send an inquiry mail to admissions@uia.jp with a completed School Tour Form (English version or Japanese version) . On Section 4 of the form, please kindly mention 3 possible dates for appointment. The school is open for visitors from Monday to Friday (9AM-2PM) The information provided will be verified internally and an appointment will be provided to you by Admissions Team.
    An overview about our school mission, philosophy, and curriculum will be given during your visit to school. The school tour is free of charge.

    The next step of admission is the assessment. The assessment will be conducted by the academic team. A prior appointment is mandatory for an assessment. An assessment can be planned on the same day as the school visit or on a different day. Please note that on the day of the assessment, we will require you to bring along any one of the completed Admissions Application Form (English version or Japanese version) , all the documents mentioned on Section 8 and an application fee of ¥11,000 (non-refundable).

    Following the tour and in-school assessment, student documents will be verified by our admissions team. Provided that all documents have been submitted on time, the results of the in-school assessment will be sent to parents via email within 5 working days.

    Acknowledgement of the acceptance by the parent within 7 business days followed by payment of the initial invoice will secure the admission.

    If any information provided to the school during admission process, is found to be falsified, then the school reserves the right to cancel the admission and initiate separation process.


    1. To enter kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year, your child must be three years old on or before April.
    2. Please bring a copy of the following documents:
      – Application for Admission Form
      – Proof of Date of Birth
      – Copy of Birth Certificate or valid Passport
      – Copy of applicant and parent’s residence card

      * In case of Japanese Nationals:
      – Copy of parent’s driving license
      – Copy of applicant’s insurance card
      – Copy of grades for previous 2 years’ – examinations plus most recent report card
      – Applications for Grades Pandacorns and above
      – Transfer/Leaving certificate from applicant’s previous school
      – Applications for Grades Pandacorns and above
      – Letter of recommendation from current teacher
      – Applications for Grades Pandacorns and above
      – Medical report
      – If any medical history exists the school should aware of
      – For Kindergarten students: a health check certificate, issued within 4 months before joining OR a copy
      of 3-year-old health check in the mother-child book (Boshitecho)
      – Admissions Application Fee
      ¥11,000 – to be submitted with the application in cash; exact change to be rendered

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    Unite the community with strong fundamentals and encourage them to apply and share their experiences.


    Inspire young minds to be self-reliant, confident, and socially responsible.


    Create opportunities for students to achieve their dreams and become leaders in the field of their choice.