International Preschool Curriculum
(K1 , K2)

Preschool Education

International Preschool Curriculum (IPC)

The International Preschool Curriculum was developed to raise the standard of preschool education, designing it to be more global and all-encompassing, focusing on improving and enhancing the whole individual. All across the world today, families, teachers and communities are experiencing the enormous benefits of IPC’s world-class curriculum. Present now in over 100 schools, across 6 continents, IPC has introduced a more progressive and innovative global education system.

In addition to being thematic and objective based, the curriculum is also research-based to ensure that your child’s brain and skills are developing wholly. Professionally designed by the IPC design-studio, this preschool curriculum covers 6 key areas of learning.
6 key Areas of learning
Skills That Children Will Learn

IPC Learning Process

The IPC has been designed for children of all abilities and all learning styles, and encourages learning in groups as well as individual learning and contributes to our goal of improving leaning for all students. The IPC has a clearly defined learning process which is repeated through each unit of learning.
Skills that children will learn

How can the IPC benefit my child?

The IPC is a thoughtfully designed curriculum, built to encourage individual learning and to provide children with a diverse early education. This innovative, advanced method has many benefits, including: Comprehensive Learning, Parental Environment, and Teacher, training and support.
The IPC curriculum includes several learning aides including student workbooks, flashcards and worksheets. Each IPC preschool is given a wide selection of emergent literacy designed to enhance your child’s learning and reading ability.
The IPC provides parents with practical guides to help you better understand your child’s education process so that learning can continue throughout the day. All IPC schools are trained to provide parents with daily communications on their child’s development.
Designed by a teaching fellow of Harvard University, the IPC Teacher Training course is provided to the staff of all IPC schools, culminating in the IPC Teacher Certificate. In addition, teachers have access to a variety of professional development courses and consultancy guides to allow them to better enhance the education of all our students.