Medical & Health

Your Child's Health is Important

Allergies/Medical Conditions

Please submit a “Medical Health” form to the homeroom teacher and the school nurse detailing any allergies or medical conditions. This form can be found in the Jupiter parent portal under necessary forms. Please note, this is in addition to completing the medical form as part of the enrollment/admission policy.

Administering Medication

If your child requires any prescribed oral medication during the course of a school day, you are required to complete an ‘Administration of Medicine’ form. This form can be found on our Jupiter parent portal under necessary forms and should be submitted to your child’s homeroom teacher and the school nurse. By signing this form, you are giving your consent that a member of staff may administer medication. You are also acknowledging that the no staff at UIA International School of Tokyo is held responsible if the medication is taken incorrectly by the child. 

Head Lice Policy

Students will be inspected for lice and nits during school hours as part of the process of regular student health checks. If lice or nits are found, arrangements to send the student home for treatment will be initiated immediately. It is requested that students be treated and stay home for a period of 3 days.

Health Check

Students’ heights and weights will be checked monthly for Kindergarten students and quarterly for Primary and Secondary students. Health checks for Primary and Secondary students will be held in the following months: 

  • April
  • August
  • November
  • February.

Information about any other issues during the check will also be noted as well including, but not limited to, lice, skin conditions, teeth, or eye infections. All health records will be recorded and stored in writing. An annual health check with a medical professional should also be done outside of school. Please share the certificate with the school once it has been done during the month of April each academic year.

Nurse's Station

Children may be sent to the Nurses Station for the following reasons:

  • Illness occurring during class time
  • An accident on the school premises
  • Dizziness, nausea, fatigue, or any other concerning symptoms.

Students must abide by the following procedures when entering the Nurse’s Station: The School Nurse assesses the child’s condition and decides that one of the following actions is necessary:

  • Child remains under observation
  • Child is provided with first aid and returned to class in cases of minor injury
  • Child is assessed as being ill and parents are called immediately to collect their child
  • In circumstances of extreme injury, an ambulance is called and parents will be contacted


NOTE: When parents are unable to be contacted, the school Principal or Section Heads will decide the most appropriate action to take. The School Nurse will have the medical data of all students at every time during the year and will act accordingly. It is therefore necessary for parents to provide the school with proper information (medical reports) at the time of admission and to keep the school updated with any changes. In the event parents, caregivers or contact people are not available and the student’s condition is of concern, a nearby doctor will be contacted for advice.