Science Day

October 5, 2021

Science Day

UIA Kindergarten students brought out Albert Einstein in them for Science Day! September 29th was filled with knowledge and fun activities. The older kids, Dolphins, participated in an activity called “Float or Sink” where they had to test different objects on whether or not they would float or sink. There was so much joy after seeing the floating tomato!


In the meantime, Pandacorns were given the fun task of recognizing the objects with magnetic attributes. Let’s call this fun activity “Will it magnetize?” They were looking all over their classroom for a surface to place different magnets onto. Soon after, they were identifying the objects from a sandbox, testing if they are magnetic or not. If the object is magnetic, it would be picked up by the small magnet attached to a string. Pandacorns did an outstanding job identifying the objects.



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  • Anonymous

    October 5, 2021 - 2:07 pm

    It looks so fun! Great Job!

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