Summer School Week 1

August 1, 2022
Today was the last day of week 1 summer school here at UIA and it was awesome! Students sculpted statues from clay, visited the Science Museum, participated in scavenger hunts, played games that tested their wits about various countries, and much more. Also, let’s not forget the highlight, the wild water gun fight. During a hot summer day, this activity was not only fun but refreshing as well! We are preparing for another wild ride in week 2!
今日でUIA International School of Tokyoのサマースクール第1週の最終日でした!粘土で工作をしたり、科学館へ遠足に行ったり、スカベンチャーハントに参加したり、様々な国に関するゲームをしたり、盛りだくさんの内容でした。そして忘れてはいけないのが、本日開催された水鉄砲大会です。

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