About Us

Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

UIA International School of Tokyo was founded 11 years ago with the initiative to nurture academic excellence and to demonstrate leadership in character development. Our school is committed to providing a learning environment where each student is empowered for his or her own social, academic, and physical wellbeing in order to become a contributing member of society.

Our Kiba campus welcomes students from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 12, along with our school office.

Our Mission

● To provide an international education infused with Japanese culture and tradition.
● To offer an internationally-recognized curriculum with the expertise brought by experienced and qualified teachers who can create pathways to better higher education opportunities for students.
● To ensure quality of infrastructure, resources, facilities in order to uphold a comfortable working and learning environment.
● To be able to support students’ needs.
● To prepare today’s learners for the challenges of tomorrow’s competitive world.

Message from our Kindergarten Head

Mr. Maxime Mathieu

There can be only one word to describe the Kindergarten team: united. All our teachers are dedicated to delivering good quality education to the children. We support each other, accept our differences, and work together as one.

Our Kindergarten is divided into 3 levels as per the guidelines of the International Preschool Curriculum: Cubs (age 3+), Pandacorns (age 4+) and Dolphins (age 5+). UIA Kindergarten provides a caring environment that fosters success for all. Our main objective is to develop the students’ interest for school while asserting themselves. We are convinced that every child is capable of learning, as well as progressing.

Learning through play is a wonderful tool to create meaningful experiences. At UIA kindergarten, students are provided with play based activities that allow them to interact with real world objects, try, develop their imagination and communication skills while creating bonds with their peers. Games are not the only tool at our disposal. Children learn to think and solve problems. Open-ended questions are asked that children must answer by thinking and experimenting. Children will also use their gained knowledge to solve those problems and learn new concepts. Teachers will guide the students, praise them, encourage them to persevere and frequently review the concepts taught to ensure they have been properly instilled.

These activities are fundamental to promote a sense of independence as well as the interest for learning.
Once they join school, children will learn how to be part of a group. At UIA we value individuality while promoting the importance of the group. We establish rules that ensure fairness. We foster equality, tolerance and friendship. Children will also learn to express their opinion, recall past experiences and take part in discussions.

Going to UIA will teach children the fundamentals of life in society. Children will gradually learn to become students.
Our classrooms provide a safe and friendly environment filled with colours and music. It is crucial for learning that children feel comfortable and safe. At UIA the maximum class size is 20 students. A teacher assistant is in the classroom with the homeroom teacher to support the students, take them to the bathroom, escort them to buses, and to handle incidents. Our school nurse is also around to provide aid if required.
At UIA, we emphasize communication with our families. At the beginning of the year, a communication book (hereinafter referred to as “diary”) is given to the child along with the textbooks. This diary is to record the height and weight monthly, as well as the temperature, sleeping and overall condition. Teachers and parents have a school email address that can be used for communication. Teachers will make sure to reply after school within a couple of business days. Our Jupiter system is used to communicate homework and lesson plans. Class updates and reminders are sent to the parents’ email ID. Fostering dialogue will create trust between teachers and parents, which will be beneficial to the children in the long run. At UIA, parents and teachers are one team working hand in hand.
Throughout the year, students will be evaluated by their teachers. They will carefully observe their young learners and provide reports once a term. Teachers also encourage and praise students to promote their motivation.

At the end of each term a Parent-Teacher Conference is held. Parents get an individual meeting with the teacher. Parents are informed about the accomplishment and progress of their child along with the objectives for the following term. If any areas need to be improved, parents will be informed. Doing so enables parents to easily identify their child's success and therefore their evolution.

Families are also welcome to schedule meetings with their homeroom teachers, to share thoughts or ask for advice.

Our Teachers & Staff

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our Kindergarten to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.Our team aspires to create culturally sensitive, environmentally responsible global citizens, who are prepared and capable of becoming the leaders of tomorrow’s generation.
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