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Message from our President/CEO

Kazumasa Sugita

Looking back on this past year, it was a year that started with the Coronavirus pandemic and ended with it. I think it was a year in which the students of the school could not fully enjoy their school life. However, even under such circumstances, there were two major events for the school. One is that the school has become one. Grade 1 to Grade 3 began operations in April 2020, and kindergarten began operations on the Kiba campus in January 2021. The other is that the name of the school has been changed to UIA International School of Tokyo. Everyone in the school already remembers what UIA means. U is unite, unit as a community,I is inspire, inspire others to follow, A is achieve, achieve your dreams.

The school wants to treasure this significance of UIA and be with you. This is the time of the year when the paths of students may become different. 

Timeline 2021

- Grand opening of Kiba 2F
- Member of Tokyo Association International Preschools

Timeline 2020

November 2020
- Moving to Kiba Campus 3rd Floor

April 2020
- Change of the school name to UIA International School of Tokyo

Timeline 2016

April 2016
- Acquisition by Mr. Sugita

Timeline 2014

September 2014
- Opening of the 4F of the Purple Building

Timeline 2013

January 2013
- Opening of the 1F of the Purple Building

Timeline 2012

May 2012
- Opening of the 2F of the Purple Building

Timeline 2010

December 2010
- Grand opening of Tathva International School
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